Our consultant will email or text you our “FREE Max Mobile app for demo purposes with full functions of course. Custom features can be added with your paid custom mobile app.  Our mobile apps are web based which operate on all mobile platforms.  Mobile coupons are a great incentive for your subscribers. 

 It's not if your business needs to go mobile, but “When” will you go mobile for your customers.  We can discuss more specifics while you demo the mobile app on your tablet or smartphone.

You can download your demo to your smartphone’s browser or scan the QR code for instant access.    http://www.max.maxmobileapps.com 

Following the instructions to bookmark on your home screen.  It will convert automatically to an app! It’s that easy!!

Let me give you some actual facts regarding mobile marketing.

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt announced anything Google creates from here on out will be first placed on the mobile platform then desktop. 

Mobile has the broadest reach than any other marketing platform.  There are almost 5X times more mobile devices than computers. 

Mobile has 5X better sales conversion rates than online.  Mobile has 7X better coupon redemption rates than online & offline.  Mobile has much less media competition (compared to email overcrowding) 270 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. 91% of consumers keep their smartphone within 3 feet of themselves 24hrs/365 days a year.



Max Mobile Apps Team